The Online Publishing Model

The following material is an abridged excerpt of some of the material contained in my eBook titled: Instant Book Writing Kit - How To Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Making Book (or eBook) Online.

I am convinced that the KEY to publishing success for the small time author and/or self publisher in the Internet age, is the Online Publishing Model.

How do I know this? Because I've been there and done that, as they say. I've learned it all the hard way.


I gained first-hand experience with the traditional publishing industry by self-publishing, marketing and distributing my first two books using that model. That's how I came to know that it is one of the most archaic and poorly run business models that I have ever encountered.

Realizing that the conventional model just wasn't working for me as I had hoped, I embarked on a relentless two-year search to find a better way. That's right, it took me a full two years (and thousands of dollars) of research and trial-and-error experimentation to clearly identify the elements of what I now call the "Online Publishing Model".


The Online Publishing Model is a combination of online digital download delivery and print-on-demand (POD) publishing that sidesteps most of the pitfalls of the traditional book publishing model.

It offers small-time authors/publishers an excellent alternative that will give them more control, and will increase their sales and profits by using little known online channels when publishing their books/ebooks.

Here's how it works...


Using this model, once your book/ebook is written, there are a number of online channels through which you can distribute and sell your book/ebook, as follows:

  1. Dedicated Sales-Mini-Site
    First and foremost, once your book/ebook is written you need to create what's called a "mini-Website" (i.e. sales-mini-site) for the sole purpose of selling your product. Trust me, this is the only way to go. You MUST have a site dedicated to the sale of that one book/ebook. Search engines will send targeted traffic to your site and your site copy will make the sales online.

  2. Digital Download Distributors
    The second online channel for your book/ebook will be through digital fulfillment companies that distribute downloadable ebooks to the largest online bookstores such as,, and many others. These distribution companies are happy to put your ebook in front of thousands of traditional book buyers who normally wouldn't see it. Listing your digital download ebook with one or more of these distributors is essential.

  3. Print-On-Demand Distributors
    These are distributors that use a relatively new technology called print-on-demand (or POD). You provide the company with a digital copy of your book, plus some cover art work in digital form, and they will set up your book so that single book orders can be printed and drop-shipped directly to the buyer. This allows you to provide a hard copy version (of your ebook) to those customers who insist on it, while you only pay the cost of printing a single copy. (No more printing 2,000+ copies up-front just to get a reasonable cost per copy!).

  4. Other Distribution Channels
    There are a few other distribution channels as well, such as small online ebook stores, but these are relatively minor, and to-date I just don't think they're worth the trouble.


Suffice it to say, there are at least three highly effective channels by which you can distribute and sell your book/ebook online through the online publishing model.

If you can harness these three channels in the Online Publishing Model, and get them working for you, I can guarantee that you'll make more book/ebook sales and profits than you ever would under the traditional publishing model.

To learn more about the Online Publishing Model, click on the following link:

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