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Welcome letters, or letters of welcome, are used in a wide variety of situations. On the business side, they are most often used by businesses to welcome new customers. The sample welcome letter below is typical. In addition to welcoming the new customer it makes a one-time special "welcome offer" in the hope of capturing the addressee as a long-term customer.

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June 28, 20xx

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baker
280 Heath Drive
Victoria, BC
V9A 2J5

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Baker:

Welcome to Village Green Estates!

I was just advised by Sandy, one of our front desk customer service agents that you and your family have recently moved into our neighborhood. Please accept this as my personal welcome to your entire family!

You've made an excellent choice on where to put down roots, if only for a while. I'm sure that you and your three children will love this closely knit little neighborhood we have here. Great people, good schools, lots of parkland, and a very active community association are what make this one of the most desirable communities to live in anywhere in the province.

In addition to welcoming you as a neighbor; as President of the local merchants association I would also like to welcome you on behalf of my fellow merchants. You'll find that Village Green Estates has an exceptional group of small merchants and service companies ready to serve you with competitive prices and a focus on customer service.

As President and Owner of Clean Rite Dry Cleaning Systems Inc., I would like to offer you a welcome wagon special for new members in our community, as follows. For three(3) months from the date of this letter your entire family is eligible for a 15% discount off of our regular prices for all dry cleaning work that is done by Clean Rite. In fact, I have taken the liberty of having the staff enter your family name and address into the computer so that the moment someone in your family drops something off for cleaning, the discount will be applied automatically.

We look forward to serving you and getting to know you.

At your service,

Reg Dawson

Business Letter Templates
Fast and easy: Instant download of over 125 actual business letter templates -- here.

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