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October 18, 20xx

To: All New Team Members - DRS Team-India - New Delhi, India

Dear DRS Team-India Members:

Subject: Welcome To The DRS Family!

Please let me start by sincerely welcoming each and every one of you with open arms to the Dynamic Real-Estate Systems (DRS) team. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about extending our company to include you at DRS Team-India!

I believe that when you decided to join DRS it was a forward looking career move that you won't regret. I know you all have varying degrees of knowledge about our company so I'll just highlight a few key points below to bring you all up to speed:
  • DRS is a major division of American Systems Group, Inc., a nationwide - U.S.A. - company with superior financial ratios, a proven track record of being profitable every single year, combined with more than 17 years of continued growth in the information management systems development and operation business.

  • DRS has established a reputation as a leader in the real-estate software industry in the U.S.A. and currently has offices in 15 states, with more states to follow by the end of this year.

  • DRS is guided by a team of seasoned senior managers who collectively possess more than 80 years of experience in the IT and systems development and operations industries.

  • While many of our competitors have been struggling over the past few years, DRS continues to show significant growth; enabled by a highly productive sales and operations team coupled with innovative leading-edge technology platforms, processes, and systems that give us the competitive edge.
I believe that the decision we made a few months ago to set up DRS Team-India is an exciting and innovative strategy that fits perfectly with our business operations in the Los Angeles area. With the daily hand-off of files-in-process from DRS Team-USA to DRS Team-India we will be poised to significantly increase our overall productivity by as much as 50% once we are operating at full speed. I look to the members of DRS Team-India to take the lead in making that happen.

I am convinced that a large measure of DRS's success to date is because of its commitment to its people. When I speak of our focus being on people here I am referring to both our employees AND our key customers and agents across the United States who deliberately choose to do business with us.

To all of our DRS team members, we offer a business environment and culture that provides: career path advancement, leading-edge and innovative technology platforms, rewards for exceptional performance, and empowerment and promotion from within. To our valuable and loyal customers, we strive to do everything in our power to "exceed our customers expectations" and to always deliver that magical "wow factor" that will keep them coming back for more.

In closing, I just want to reaffirm how thrilled the entire DRS team here in the Los Angeles area office is that DRS Team-India will be up and running and adding extra value to the products and services we offer to our clients. Together, I am convinced that we can take DRS to that next level of success.

Looking forward to personally meeting each and every one of you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Brad Grainger

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