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January 25, 20xx

To All Staff Members:

Subject: Arrangements For This Weekend’s Move To New Offices

The move to our new offices is scheduled to take place during the coming weekend.

In order for things to run smoothly during this weekend’s move, everyone is required to clean out their own desk and pack up the contents in boxes prior to leaving the office this Friday. Boxes will be provided to you in your work area on Thursday afternoon. You are also asked to please remove everything from the walls of your work area and pack those items in the boxes along with all of your other belongings and work materials.

Please make sure that you clearly mark your first initial and last name on the top and sides of each box. You are asked to number each box in sequence and make a note of your total box count for later cross-checking that all of your material has been received. Red felt marker pens will be provided for this when your boxes are delivered on Thursday.

If you have a lot of personal belongings, you should take them home with you before the move. Likewise, do the same for any valuables. During the confusion of a move such as this, it is easy to misplace and/or lose track of things, so in the case of your personal belongings and valuables it is better to be safe than sorry. The company cannot be held responsible for the loss of any personal items during the move. So, please ensure that you remove all valuables and personal belongings before the weekend.

On Monday morning, you will find your boxes in your designated office area on the third floor of the Capital Building. You are asked to unpack your boxes and put things away as quickly as possible, after which we will all get back to work as soon as possible.

We believe that if everyone does their part and follows the designated procedures, any disruption caused by the move will be kept to a minimum. We therefore trust that there will be no negative affects on production schedules, and current deadlines will be met.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Meredith Jansen
Director, Corporate Services

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