How I Finally Got My E-Business

by Shaun Fawcett

The following article explains what led to the development of this site and why I decided that the only way to go, was to power it with Solo Build It! If you don't have the time to read the whole article and just want to get to the "bottom line", simply click here: Give me the facts now!

A few years ago, thanks to “corporate restructuring” I found myself between jobs for the very first time in my 25+ year career. For the first little while I took the traditional approach and looked for another conventional corporate-type "job-job".

However, it wasn't long before I realized that I didn't want to go in that direction any longer. So, rather than going back to the same old, same old, I decided to look at my situation as an opportunity to do my own thing (something I had secretly wanted throughout my career, but had never quite had the guts to do). The way I figured it, fate was giving me the … well, yes … the opportunity of a lifetime.

I Could See the E-Writing On the Wall

Now let’s flashback to the mid-1990s (when I still had a job-job). At that time, I sought, and was fortunately given, the opportunity to earn an M.B.A. through one of those executive MBA programs. A wonderful experience, and a great education too! But once in this lifetime was enough, thank you very much. The workload and the constant pressure to perform were unbelievable, especially in an executive program where one earns the degree in a compressed timeframe while continuing to work in one’s regular job.

About midway through that program, one of my major assignments was to conduct research and write a paper exploring whether I thought there was a future for business on the Internet. Remember, at that time the Internet was not yet a household word. The term e-commerce hadn’t even been coined. Even Bill Gates was often quoted in those days as being skeptical and unsure as to whether anyone would ever be able to make any serious money via the Internet.

Nevertheless, by the time my research was done and that paper written, I personally was absolutely convinced that, and I quote, “ … the Internet is certainly the future for small, medium, and large business - and that future begins right now!” That was in early 1995. Of course, we all know what has happened since then as far as the Internet and business is concerned. Literally trillions of dollars worth of e-business is now being transacted over the Internet every year, and it’s getting bigger all the time.

The Playing Field Gets Leveled

Yet, the thing that impressed me the most when I researched those early e-commerce pioneers of the Internet, was the incredible power that this new technology was putting into the hands of the average Joe(sephine). Knowledge and tools that were previously closely guarded by a privileged and wealthy few, were suddenly becoming available to anyone with a $1,000 computer and a telephone connection. In the dozen or more years since then, the Internet has definitely leveled the playing field for a lot of ordinary people. People just like you and me.

I’m not talking about the Amazon.coms here, or the eBays, or the Cisco Systems, and the like. Although they are big players on the Internet, they are still “big business”, and as with all ventures of that ilk, their fortunes will continue to rise and fall at the whim of the fickle and volatile stock markets that fuel them. Nor am I talking about the proliferation of “dot com” start-ups of the late 1990s, most of which were driven by greed, incompetence, and lack of good business discipline. For the most part, the “pretenders” in that group have fallen by the wayside, and are now only referred to in the past tense as “dot bombs.”

The Internet For You and Me

What I’m talking about here is how the Internet has leveled the playing field for all of US – for YOU and for ME. As I said, backed up by a little research, I realized this fact intuitively, as far back as 1994. But somehow, life got in the way and I was never able to seriously contemplate getting a piece of the Internet pie for myself until fairly recently.

However, as things have turned out, that wasn’t such a bad thing. That’s because, for the first few years when I was scrambling to start up a small conventional consulting and communications business in my local community, I had lots of time to think about things and conduct research into what is actually happening out there in cyberspace for the average small entrepreneur.

I learned for instance, that there are thousands of small “mom and pop” type businesses that have staked out their own little niches all over the World Wide Web. According to all reports, many of these small time entrepreneurs are making an excellent living from their home offices. Indeed, some of these people are becoming downright wealthy. Not that surprising when one considers that the initial investment to start a home-based e-business is next to nothing, and likewise the risk.

I also discovered that, somewhat predictably, the Net is proliferated with “get rich quick” operators and “smoke and mirror” scam artists claiming to hold the key to infinite e-wealth. Nothing too new here, really. These people have always been around, usually involved in telemarketing and mail-order based rip-offs, but they swarmed to the Net like bees to honey when they realized the potential that it held for them. Unfortunately, these “sharks” are still lurking everywhere in cyberspace, and it is often hard to tell them from the real thing, until it’s too late.

The Window of Opportunity Is Shrinking

Although the playing field for small entrepreneurs was relatively level for most of the Internet’s start-up decade, more and more barriers are starting to block the path of the average person wishing to start their own e-business. Life in cyberspace is definitely becoming increasingly complicated. Business online is now much more complex and competitive than it was even two years ago. Consequently, I began to seriously worry that maybe the chance to start a small online business for myself had passed me by forever. Perhaps, things had just gotten too complex, expensive, and difficult for the regular guy or girl to become an e-entrepreneur.

So Many Questions, So Few Answers …

These concerns, coupled with all of the new products, services, and related technical and marketplace issues were beginning to make my head spin. I was getting headaches just thinking about it. The things one had to know and stay on top of, seemed almost overwhelming.

For example, should I try to build my own Web site, or should I hire someone to do it for me? Can I afford to hire somebody? Who to hire? Who can I trust? Once the site is up, should I buy and run an automatic SE submission software program myself, or should I use one of the so-called submission service companies? What about autoresponders, should I get one? What exactly do autoresponders do anyway? Should I choose free Web hosting, or is there a downside to that which I haven’t heard about? Do I need my own URL, or is the free one I have okay? What about html and FTP? Do I need to know that stuff? What exactly are they anyway? What about these pay-per-clicks? What’s that all about? Do I need these? What are the pros and cons?

(Whew! Sorry about that. I'm not trying to give you a headache, too. Really. Almost finished...)

If I do somehow manage to get a get a Web site up and running with traffic actually visiting it, how do I track who is coming to my site? How to know who is buying, and who isn’t? Do I hire one of these tracking services or do I buy software and do it myself? How do I produce and distribute a newsletter? Do I really need to produce one? Should I publish a blog? Who’s going to handle credit card transactions for me? Which company do I choose out of the scores that are offering to do this for me? On what basis do I choose

And on, and on, and on. It can be truly mind-boggling.

There Had To Be A Way

But I just knew that there had to be a way. At least my research had helped me to the point where I knew what most of the questions were. Now all I needed was to find a person or a place from which I could get most of the answers, in a form that I could deal with. Great in theory, but how was it going to happen?

One thing that I was very clear on by this point was that I did not have the time, or the money, to start from scratch, and try to learn the whole thing myself, by trial and error. I was convinced that someone, somewhere must have asked, and most importantly, answered, all of these same questions in one understandable and manageable package. Someone, who had been through it all, from a to z, who would be willing to share their knowledge with me and others, had to exist somewhere. So, I didn’t give up. I just kept my head down, went about my business, and waited patiently for the answer to appear.

In fact, my research revealed there is a relatively small group of people on the World Wide Web who appear to know a great deal about the ins and outs of developing and operating a successful home-based e-business. And these people are all willing to share their know-how. For a fee of course. Some of these e-marketing experts have written books, some have developed software, and others have designed courses. Each one of them claims to possess all of the “secrets” of e-success for the aspiring small business entrepreneur. The problem is, which guru to follow? Which way is THE way?

The Teacher Finally Appears

Well, after more than two years of searching, I’m happy and relieved to report that the answer was finally revealed to me. And ironically, it wasn’t even through the Internet that I found it! One day I just happened to pick up the business section of the local newspaper (yes, I said newspaper!) and a headline almost jumped off the page at me. It read:

“Dr. E-marketing – Selling on the Net is wide open, but Web guru says a prescription is needed for success.”

Below the headline was a photo of this pleasantly smiling middle-aged man strategically perched behind a pile of books. The title of the book could be clearly seen, it was “Make Your Site Sell!”.

The article told the story of Dr. Ken Evoy, a Canadian medical doctor living in a small town not far from Montreal. It said that he was now regarded as one of the top experts in the world when it comes to building a small home-based e-business on the Internet. Apparently, after practicing emergency medicine for a few years, Evoy had become disenchanted with an increasing regime of government controls that were telling doctors what they could and couldn’t do, and how much money they could and could not make.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Ken Evoy stopped practising medicine full-time, and instead, he and his wife went into the toy design and marketing business. (go figure?). Within a few years, they had achieved financial security by successfully designing and marketing a number of toys and related products, many of which became bestsellers worldwide. Despite that success, after more than 15 years in the toy business Evoy got bored and decided to turn one of his part-time hobbies into a product for the marketplace.

An Original Internet E-Pioneer

That product eventually became a software program called PennyGold. It uses a method that Evoy invented to track and predict the market performance of penny mining stocks. When he first started with PennyGold, the only thing Ken Evoy knew about Internet marketing was what he had read in the newspapers. What he had read though, told him that e-commerce on the Internet was the new way for small entrepreneurs like him to market their products on a global basis.

Subsequently, PennyGold was launched in 1998 with the goal of selling 1,000 copies of the limited edition product over three years. However, within two years, all copies had been sold and what had begun as Evoy’s little penny stock hobby a few short years before, had netted him a cool $700,000. Not bad for an e-business beginner!

Developing and marketing PennyGold turned out to be Evoy’s “boot camp” for the creation of his future line of e-business products. As he explains in his “Make Your Site Sell!” ground-breaker, developing PennyGold was a sometimes painful and expensive learning experience. However, he has since successfully converted that learning curve into a series of industry leading products that are based on the knowledge and experience he gained while he was battling the learning trenches, creating PennyGold.

An Amazing Array of E-Products

Over the years, Ken Evoy has developed a variety of individual knowledge-based products designed to help people build online businesses. However, by far his greatest achievement has been the development of Solo Build It!, or SBI!. That product is a sophisticated full service fully integrated web hosting package and toolkit that contains everything that an aspiring online entrepreneur needs to research, set up, and maintain an online business.

Solo Build It! – This genuine work of genius is the ultimate “e-toolbox” for anyone seriously wanting to start an e-business these days. There is so much to it that I just can’t go into all of the details about the many features of the Solo Build It! package here. You can click on the link below and go to the SBI! site and see that for yourself. (Warning: Before you go there, prepare yourself to be amazed!)

Hold on! Just before you make that click, let me share a couple of quick points about SBI! with you.

Remember a few paragraphs back, when I listed the many confusing and vexing questions about getting started in e-business – the ones that were causing me headaches and anxiety attacks? Questions such as: how to deal with search engine placement, what are autoresponders and FTPs, whether to buy software or services, etc., etc., etc.?

SBI! Delivers It All

Suffice it to say that SBI! has given me all of the functionality that I need to deal with all of those issues, and more. And most importantly for non-techies like me, it is all rolled into one integrated user-friendly package, and at a very reasonable price to boot! With SBI! I just don’t need to deal with multiple suppliers to satisfy the many requirements one usually has when building and then running an e-business site. It truly is one-stop shopping!

I honestly continue to be amazed at what I have lucked into here. It’s actually quite uncanny. It’s almost as if Ken and his SiteSell elves were reading my mind when they conceived and built SBI! It’s exactly the kind of product that I had visualized, but only in my wildest daydreams!

(To be quite frank, when I first researched SBI! on the Web site, I was a little skeptical and didn’t quite believe all of the claims that were being made about the product. Who would, at first blush? It sounded almost too good to be true. I thought that maybe this time, Ken and his colleagues had gotten a tad carried away by their earlier e-word successes, and were tending to “overhype” this SBI! product just a little bit.)

Boy, was I wrong on that one! (and as I’ve come to understand, I should have known better with this Ken Evoy fellow involved).

In fact, I have been using SBI! for more than a decade now, and it continues to OVERdeliver and thus, to OVERwhelm me! For example, as I write this, my main "mothership" SBI! website receives an average of more than 5,000 highly targeted free visitors per day, 365 days per year. That's right, more than 2 million unique visitors per year!

I have no doubts whatsoever, that the primary reason why my website gets so much free quality traffic is because it is an SBI! site.

And There's Even More ...

As I mentioned earlier, in addition to his flagship SBI! product, Ken Evoy has also developed a number of high quality knowledge-based products designed to help the aspiring online business-builder. I summarize theses briefly in the paragraphs below:

Make Your Site Sell! – This best-selling book (over 60,000 copies) is now widely recognized by e-business owners and industry experts alike as the “must read Bible” for everyone involved in e-commerce, or those wanting to get involved. This extremely well-written, well-organized, and user-friendly volume covers literally every aspect of e-commerce. It is a valuable body of knowledge for everyone, from the home-based entrepreneur, to the marketing director and CEO of a company. Even “techies” can learn from MYSS, but in non-techie language.

Make Your Words Sell! - This is another “must own” manual about how to write killer copy for the Internet. It explains how it is words that sell on the Net, not graphics. Whether one is selling software, infoproducts, services or hardware online, this book tells you how to do it best, using words. MYWS! will teach you how to write superior e-copy, a mission-critical, but often overlooked, skill for the success of your e-business. Even offline, MYWS! is an unsurpassed instructional copywriting text.

Make Your Knowledge Sell! – Ken Evoy is convinced that each and every one of us has the knowledge and ability to produce a book or a Web site about something we know and/or love. This truly empowering book details a proven system on how to find that hidden “infoproduct” within, how to create it, publish it , and then how to market and sell it. MYKS! gives the small business person a step-by-step blueprint for succeeding on the Net.

Make Your Price Sell! - Pricing your product for the Internet can be very tricky. Price it too high and it won’t sell. Price it too low and you’ll be losing thousands of dollars needlessly. Fortune 500 companies pay thousands of dollars to pricing specialists and consultants to guide them in their pricing policies. Ken has simplified the calculation of the optimum price and made this information available to anyone who wants it. MYPS! is an easy-to-use computer model that gives you a scientific way to find the "perfect price" for your product every time. With MYPS! there's no more guessing, and no more uncertainty!

Make Your Net Auction Sell! - This book makes the dream of a home-based business attainable by anyone who has a few belongings in their closet, basement, or garage, that they want to part with. Ken’s latest e-product states that there is no start-up investment required, and therefore no risk in launching a home-based e-auction business. MYNAS! tells you everything you need to know to get started and then prosper in this amazing new “e-business for everyone”. – This is the flagship homesite for Ken’s SiteSell family of e-products. I must admit, I was personally blown away the first time I went to and saw all of the products that he had developed for home-based entrepreneurs in a mere two-years. The most amazing thing is that, after ordering and working with a number of these products, they have actually exceeded my expectations. And believe me, I expect a lot when it comes to this kind of information. In addition to the products listed below, SiteSell has developed its brilliant 5 Pillar Affiliate Program, considered by many experts to be the most cleverly designed and generous paying program of its type on the entire Internet.

FREE Course Download ...

Shortly after publishing Make Your Site Sell!, Ken designed a comprehensive e-mail course called "The Affiliate Master's Course" (AMC). That course is based closely on the principles laid-out in MYSS! It is designed to show the average person exactly how to develop an online e-business from scratch - without having to be a "techie"!

Recently, Ken consolidated the Course and published it as an eBook entitled "The Affiliate Masters Course - Become a high-earning affiliate champion". Why not download a Free copy of that eBook right now? Here's the Free download link...FREE AMC eBook

Happy e-business building!

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