Sample Resumes (CVs)

The following sample resumes are based on actual cases for which I have written resumes. This cross-section of real-life samples should give you a good idea of what a finished resume looks like, the appropriate style and language to use, and the key points to cover.

Remember, there is not one specific way to draft a resume or c.v., above all others. There are literally thousands of "experts" out there, each one recommending their own approach. I personally prefer a resume or c.v. that is clean, simple, and to the point.

So, as much as possible I have tried to use that simple, concise approach in drafting the sample resume templates listed below.

Here are links to a few sample resume templates that I have posted to get you thinking about how you are going to approach your own resume:

Undergraduate - High school or college - general format.

Administrative Services - General Administrative position.

Customer Service - Customer Service position.

Technical Writing - Writer/Editor position.

Senior Executive - Senior Executive position - Career Brief.

Industrial Management - Manager - Industrial Sector.

Sales Management- Senior Sales and Marketing position.

Retail Sales - Manager - Retail Services Sector.

Financial Services - Senior Financial position.

Educational Support - College-University - Part-time job.

Fashion Sales - Retail Sales and Marketing.

Fashion Design - Women's Fashion Design.

Information Technology - IT Programmer Analyst.

Check back occasionally, as I will be adding additional samples from time-to-time, as I develop them.

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