Sample Letters - Various Subjects

In addition to the more standard letter types that are covered extensively elsewhere on this website, there are also various other less common types of letters that I have been asked to write or edit for people.

Although each letter listed on this webpage was written for a different purpose, they all follow the same basic rules of letter writing. That is; keep them brief, concise and to the point, and try not to exceed one page in length unless absolutely necessary. And of course, make sure you check them carefully and eliminate any spelling or obvious grammatical errors.

This page contains links to real-life samples of some of the less common letter types. These are real-life letters that were actually written and sent for the situations covered.

General Letter Samples – Various Subjects

Immigration Letter - Standard Application Cover Letter to US Immigration.

College Withdrawal - Explanation for Sudden Withdrawal from Program.

Letter of Complaint - To Local Politician.

As mentioned earlier, the above letters were all written for actual real-life personal and business situations for which I was asked to write or edit letters for various clients. I intend to add additional sample letters to this page over time.

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