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Over the years I have been asked to write and edit many recommendation letters and reference letters for people applying for employment or admission to college programs, as well as for various other situations.

Although I have written extensively about the differences and similarities between recommendation letters and reference letters, I won’t go into that detail here. Suffice it to say that, in general terms, a recommendation letter is normally a specific-purpose letter that is written to a specific person; while a reference letter is usually more general in nature and not normally addressed to a specific individual. As examples, I will let the real-life letters below stand on their own merits.

Below are a number of samples of real-life recommendation and reference letters that were written for actual people in the process of seeking employment, applying for college programs, or dealing with other life-authentic situations. These real-life examples should give you a good idea as to how to write a recommendation letter or reference letter for whichever situation you are dealing with.

Recommendation Letters – College Admission and Employment

College Entry - Recommendation Letter – Occupational Therapy Program

College Entry - Reference Letter – Business Program

College Entry - Recommendation Letter – MBA Program (UK)

Employment - Reference Letter – IT Specialist Job

Recommendation Letters – Other Situations

Immigration - Recommendation Letter – Visa Application

Background Info. - Recommendation Background Letter – To Recommender

Bankruptcy - Recommendation Letter – Bankruptcy Trustee

As already mentioned, the letters above were all written for/by real people dealing with real-life situations when they had to apply for jobs or college programs, or deal with other real-life situations.

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