Real-Life Letter Samples –
Various Situations

In the decade or more that I have been providing practical writing help and advice online I have been asked to review and revise many different types of letters covering a multitude of different life situations.

The type of letter that I am asked to help people with most often is the “application letter” as used with job applications and college admission applications. A lot of those requests are related to applications for medical staff positions and residency positions at hospitals.

Another type of letter for which my help is often requested is the “recommendation letter” or “reference letter”; mostly related to college admission applications and employment applications. Requests for character reference letters are also common.

Other letters commonly requested include: proposal letters, letters of intent, sales letters, marketing letters, and a few others. I have grouped them into six (6) main categories below.

Each of the links below will take you to a number of actual real-life letters that are listed in the particular category. In total, the links go to about 30 real-life letters.

Sample Real-Life Letters – Various Situations

Application Cover Letters - College and Employment

Recommendation and Reference Letters - College and Employment

Employee and Staff Letters – Various Situations

Proposal Letters – Various Situations

Marketing and Sales Letters – Business Promotion

General Letters – Various Situations

As I said, the above links go to actual real-life samples of letters that I have either written or edited for people. Naturally, in the interests of protecting privacy, I have changed all identifying information so that it would be impossible to identify individuals based on the contents of the letters.

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