Marketing Letter Samples
Promotion and Sales

Some of the other types of letters that people often ask me to help them with are known as marketing letters, sales letters, and/or promotional letters.

Marketing and sales promotion letters are used to cover a wide variety of different situations when promoting products and/or services to individual customers and/or business clients. When writing one of these, the main idea is to summarize all of the key points of the offer, in terms of benefits, and then make a call to action that will get them to act right away on the offer.

Following are a few samples of real-life marketing and sales letters that were written to cover a variety of promotional situations. These real-life examples should give you a good idea about how to write a typical sales and marketing letter.

Marketing and Sales Letters – Various Business Promotions

Promotional Letter - Solicit Participants In New Client Referral Program

Promotional Letter - Advise and Recruit Potential Exhibitors for An Event

Promotional Letter - Introduce New Small Business To Potential Clients

Promotional Letter - Promote New Customer Incentive Program To Dealers

As mentioned earlier, the above marketing promotion letters were all written for actual real-life business situations that my customers presented me with.

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