Employee and Staff Letters - Samples

Another type of letter that I have often edited for people over the years is what is known as an employee letter or letter to staff members.

Letters to employees and/or staff are internal letters within an organization. They are normally either administrative in nature or dealing with employee morale or motivation. Typically, they are brief and should usually be limited to one page in order to attract maximum attention from readers.

Following are a few samples of real-life employee letters, or letters to staff, that were written to deal with actual situations in a number of organizations. These real-life examples should give you a good idea as to how to write these types of employee-related letters.

Employee and Staff Letters – Various Situations

Letter To Staff – Quarterly Update

Welcome Letter - To New Employees

Letter To Staff - Moving Instructions

Employee Letter – Training Period Extension

As already mentioned, the employee and staff letters above were all written for real-life situations that arose in typical business situations.

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