Sample Letters of Application -
Employment and College Admission

Over the years I have been asked to write and edit numerous application letters for people applying for employment or for admission to college programs.

Also known as letters of application, or application cover letters, these letters should normally be short one-pagers. When job-related, they are usually accompanied by a resume or c.v. In college admission situations, the application letter normally covers an overall application package, as per the requirements of the institution.

Below are seven or eight samples of real-life application letters, that were written for actual people in the process of seeking employment or applying for college programs. These examples should give you a good idea as to how to write an application cover letter for whichever position or program you are applying.

Application Cover Letters - Employment

Application Letter – Hospitalist Position

Application Letter – University Teaching Position

Application Cover Letter – Technical Internship

Application Cover Letter – Fashion Job

Application Letter – Hospitalist/Internist

Application Letter – Clinician-Educator Position

Application Cover Letters – College Programs

Application Follow-Up Letter – Law School Application

Application Cover Letter – Doctorate In Physical Therapy

Application Intent Letter – Postgraduate Microbiology Residency

As mentioned, the letters above were all written for/by real people dealing with real-life situations when they had to apply for jobs or college programs.

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