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Donation letters are used for a wide variety of fund-raising initiatives. They typically request financial contributions, or in-kind donations of other resources, from targeted individuals and/or organizations. The sample donation letter below is typical for a hospital program donation campaign. It targets former patients of one service, who received a clean bill of health, to make financial donations for the upgrade of equipment and facilities in the department where they were tested and/or treated.

(print Donation Request Letter on institution letterhead paper)

May 20, 20xx

To Patient List:
Patient address line 1
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Dear [Patient Name]:

You are receiving this letter as a follow-up after your recent treatment at our Colon Cancer Prevention Center (CCPC).

I have been advised by Dr. [Name of Doctor] that your procedure went smoothly and that your results were normal and therefore another colonoscopy will not be necessary in your case for five years. This is the best possible outcome for such a procedure, since your bowel and colon were found to be in excellent condition with no sign of polyps or other abnormalities.

In order for the Colon Cancer Prevention Center to function effectively into the future we are beginning a seven-year capital investment program to upgrade our equipment and facilities to state-of-the-art level technology. This upgrade will include up-to-date CCD and fiber-optic equipment as well as the latest in 3D imagery CT scanners. The total cost of this program is estimated to be $21.5 million. The hospital's capital acquisition fund can cover only $14 million of this requirement. Therefore, to help us meet the $7.5 million shortfall we are asking you and all other clients who have (and will) receive endoscopic examinations at the CCPC to voluntarily contribute whatever you can afford to this important equipment acquisition fund.

I am sure that I don't have to tell you how important this upgrade in equipment will be to our ability to effectively screen all of our patients into the future. As you are no doubt aware, bowel cancer is now the leading cause of cancer in men over 50, and that early detection is critical to allowing us to take measures to stop this very survivable condition before it progresses too far.

In closing, any financial assistance that you can give us in this important fund raising campaign will be gratefully accepted. Accordingly, a member of our CCPC Fundraising Campaign Team will be contacting you personally by telephone in the coming weeks to discuss your possible donation to the campaign.

On behalf of everyone here at the Center I thank you in advance for your kind and generous support of our mutual cause.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jason Farista, MD
Director, Colon Cancer Prevention Center

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