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Top 10 Sample Resumes and CVs

A significant portion of the more than 2 million people that visit my writing help websites each year are looking for help with writing their resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

When I did the detailed keyword research on this subject it was interesting to note that the most searched for phrase was “how to write a good resume”, followed by “how to write a great resume”.

Based on this, I can only suppose that some people are worried that they might land on a site that claims to show people how to write a bad resume! [grin]

In any case, you don’t have to worry about what you find on this site because I only post what I consider to be excellent samples of real-life resumes and curriculum vitae.

Below are links to real-life templates for the Top 10 most requested resumes and CVs on my website, ranked in order of popularity:

  1. High School or College
    High school or college - general format.

  2. Customer Services
    Customer Service position.

  3. Fashion Design
    Women's Fashion Design.

  4. Part-Time
    College-University - Part-time job.

  5. Executive
    Senior Executive position - Career Brief.

  6. Administrative
    General Administrative position.

  7. Retail Management
    Manager - Retail Services Sector.

  8. Sales and Marketing
    Retail Sales and Marketing.

  9. Writing
    Writer/Editor position.

  10. Financial
    Senior Financial position.
As stated above, those listed above are the ten most viewed resume and cv sample templates out of those that are posted elsewhere on this website. For links to additional samples and lots of additional resume writing resources, click on the following link:
Resume Writing Resources

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