Sample Resume - Senior Executive Career Brief

Dr. S. D. Monsanto
2439 Sherwood St., Suite 918, Montreal, QC
(xxx) 979-4330 ---

Prior to his distinguished and successful career in international aviation law, Dr. Monsanto graduated with his undergraduate law degree from the National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960. In 1962 he went on to study Aviation Law as a specialty at the Institute of Aviation and Aerospace Law in Fuerza Aeres, Argentina. Then in 1972 he pursued specialized studies in Air Transport Economics through courses offered jointly by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Finally, in 1975 he earned his Doctorate of Law, with a specialization in Aviation Law, from the National University of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Monsanto spent the first 24 years of his professional career as Director of Aviation Policy, in the Department of Aviation of Argentina. In that position he was responsible for: negotiations of bilateral and multinational aviation agreements, optimization of scheduled and non-scheduled air transport services, development of aviation regulations and directives, dispute resolutions involving air carriers, and representing Argentina to various international organizations.

During this period, in parallel with his official full-time position with the Department of Aviation, Dr. Monsanto carried on numerous other professional and academic activities. These included: Spokesperson for the Air Transport Advisory Committee (1968-1986), Vice-President of the Interministerial Facilitation Committee (1975-1986), Assistant and Associate Professor of Law at the School of Navigation Law at National University of Buenos Aires (1962-1986), Assistant Professor of Law at the School of Aviation Law at the University of Moron (1970-1975), and Associate Professor of Law at the School of Navigation Law, University of Moron (1970-1975).

In 1997 Dr. Monsanto moved to Lima Peru to take up his appointment as Principal Air Transport Representative of South American countries to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). During the same period he also functioned as Secretary of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission. In 2004 Dr. Monsanto won an international competition to become the Director of Air Transport for ICAO in Montreal. While at ICAO he was also appointed to the position of Honorary Visiting Doctoral Thesis Examiner at the Institute of Air and Space Law , McGill University, Montreal.

Dr. Monsanto has been a member of more than a dozen professional organizations and associations throughout his career. In addition, he has published numerous scholarly articles on subjects related to aviation law in respected international journals. He was named to the Aviation Order of Merit of Brazil and also received the "Santos Dumont" Medal from the Government of the Republic of Brazil. In addition, he has received numerous other awards and commendations including: The ALADA Silver Medal, Honorary Diploma from the Aeronautical Association of Argentina, and Honorary Diploma from the Pan-American Transportation Congress. He was also honored with his appointment as Vice-President of ICAO's Judicial Committee. Dr. Monsanto is also multi-lingual, speaking Spanish, French, English, and Portugese.

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