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Resignation letters should be short and to the point. They should simply give notice of your impending departure, and in most cases, thank the employer you are leaving. Once you've decided to leave an organization, there is little point in getting into negative assessments of your experience. You never know when this could come back to haunt you. Just hand in your letter of resignation and move forward.

(print Resignation Letter on regular stationery)

789 Ferguson St.
Exeter, PA, 52094

June 2, 20xx

Alfred Shrimpton
Director, Marketing
LithText International Inc.
151 North Valley Dr.
Exeter, PA, 52187

Dear Alfred:

This is to advise you that I have accepted the position of Marketing Manager, with Gandolfo Networks Inc., based in Buffalo New York. Accordingly, please regard this as my official letter of resignation.

My last day of work here will be June 28, 20xx. This will give me three full weeks from next Monday to complete the current marketing program design to which I have recently been putting the finishing touches. In addition, during this period I will be able to bring both you, and my deputy Aaron Roach, up-to-speed on all of the operations and outstanding issues in my department.

I am very much looking forward to the professional challenge being offered to me by Gandolfo, which as you know, is the market leader in its field. Incidentally, during the recruiting process, the Gandolfo people were very impressed with the experience and knowledge that I had gained here at LithText International over the past five years.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you as my supervisor, as well as to my many friends and colleagues at LithText. I have truly enjoyed my years working with all of you, and am grateful for the many learning and growth opportunities I was given over the years.

I wish all of you at LithText International continued success.


Ryan Alexander

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