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Request letters, or letters of request, are also sometimes referred to as inquiry letters or letters of inquiry. Typically, they are a simple request for information, and therefore should be short, and specific about what exactly is being requested. Request letters can be used in both business and personal situations to request virtually anything.

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453 Cinder Drive
Little Rock, AR 72202

July 31, 20xx

Ms. Janet Payton
Information Officer
State Industries Inc.
4525 Bradley Road
Little Rock, AR 72204

Dear Ms. Payton:

Further to our telephone conversation yesterday, could you please send me a copy of your company's Annual Report for the last two operating years.

As I mentioned when we spoke, in addition to the overall financial health of your company and its future prospects, I am particularly interested in the performance of your publishing operations. Anything in addition to the annual reports that you could send that would provide additional information about the publishing end of SII's operations would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Jamal Bogden

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