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1705 Northridge Road
El Paso, TX 79850

April 20, 20xx

Shannon Marchant
Admissions Officer
University of Texas Medical Branch
Department of Occupational Therapy
301 University Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77555

Dear Ms. Marchant:

I have been asked to provide my assessment of Karen Strange in support of her application to your Occupational Therapy program. As requested in your guidelines, I am submitting this to you directly without the intervention of the applicant.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen Strange for approximately three years. During that time she has worked for me as both my Personal Assistant and and in parallel with that, as Manager of the Insurance and Shipping departments at Kranston Collectibles Inc. As my assistant, she is required to perform numerous administrative tasks, as well as dealing with customers and supervising the company’s rare objects inventory. In her shipping management job, Ms. Strange is responsible for carefully insuring and shipping expensive rare object shipments. In performing these jobs, she has consistently demonstrated that she is a well-organized, efficient, reliable, and responsible individual.

Ms. Strange has demonstrated numerous strengths that I believe will support her in a career as an Occupational Therapist. She is a highly dedicated employee who is able to work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines with calmness and composure. She has the ability to focus on a task and follow it through diligently until it is properly completed. Her level of integrity is beyond reproach. Working in the rare objects business she understands how important it is to respect the privacy of her clients, an attribute that I am sure will also be helpful when dealing with clients in the field of Occupational Therapy. Karen is always punctual and has excellent computer and verbal communication skills. She is well-respected by both her clients and co-workers and is known for her strong leadership skills. Ms. Strange also has an outstanding ability to deal with different types of people and customers on a one-to-one basis, and she also works well in group situations.

As detailed above, I believe that Karen Strange is an exceptional employee who exceeds expectations in just about every area imaginable. She is highly motivated, constantly striving to get better. For example, the one area where she needed some improvement was in her written communication skills. So on her own, she registered in college and has been taking evening courses to improve her writing skills. In my opinion, Karen’s work ethic, coupled with her ongoing efforts towards self-improvement, give her unlimited potential in just about any field she may choose, including Occupational Therapy.

Ms. Strange also has excellent interpersonal skills. On a regular basis she was required to interact with management, co-workers and those reporting to her and always did so with tact and diplomacy. Whether it was collaboration on a project, a presentation, or a rare objects show, in each circumstance, her style of relating to her peers and her interpersonal skills in general were exceptional. Sarah is a kind, warmhearted, and generous individual who has the intuitive ability to deal effectively with a wide variety of people and situations. She also has the capacity to lead and take charge of a group. On the other hand, she has no problem stepping into the background and working effectively from there when it is the best approach for a particular situation. Above all, Karen Strange is highly respected, admired and liked by her peers and is therefore a pleasure to work with.

Accordingly, without reservation, I am pleased to be able to recommend Karen Strange as someone who I believe will be an excellent addition to your Occupational Therapy program. Please feel free to contact me by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you require any further information.


Kenneth Whyte

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