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Recommendation letters, or letters of recommendation, are written for a wide variety of situations, both personal and business. What differentiates recommendation letters from general reference letters is that recommendation letters are always written for a very specific purpose and are always addressed to a specific individual. The sample below is a real-life recommendation letter that was written by a high school vice-principal on behalf of one of his former students who is applying to a university undergraduate program.

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March 15, 20xx

Ms. Jillian Shepperd
Director of Admissions
Admissions and Recruitment Office
MacDonald University
1449 Dorchester Ave. W., Rm. 451
Montreal, QC, H3A 1T4

Dear Ms. Shepperd:

I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Layla Bell.

Layla has been a student in the accelerated liberal arts program at Holymount High for her entire five years of high school. During that period I have observed her grow into a poised and accomplished young woman. She is an exceptional student with excellent grades resulting from diligent work habits.

Layla has superior interpersonal skills and works equally well independently or in a group setting. She also displays good leadership skills when involved in group projects. She is very well liked and respected by both her peers and her teachers.

Among her many service activities at the school, Layla was a coach of the junior track team for the past two years and she was a member of the senior cross-country team. She also took part in the Mentoring Program and helped a number of juniors navigate their way through their first year of high school. In addition, Layla was involved in organizing a number of fund-raising projects at the school, including a team marathon event that raised more than $5,000 for cancer research.

Layla has shown an ongoing interest in world affairs and international development. It is my understanding that she intends to pursue an Honors degree in Political Science or Sociology. She has traveled extensively and has written outstanding reports with observations on conditions she has witnessed throughout the world.

I believe that Layla Bell has tremendous potential as a student and I feel quite confident that she would be an asset to both student life and academics at MacDonald University.

Yours truly,

Allan S. Fenton

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