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The term "recomendation" (spelled with one "m" in the word "recommendation"), is the most common spelling error I see when people come to my various writing help websites looking for help and info about how to write recommendation letters.

That's right, the word "recommendation" always has two "m"s when spelled correctly. Recomendation, spelled with one "m" is just plain wrong.

Nevertheless, if you happened to make a typo, or if you just misspelled the word "recommendation", but were still looking for information related to "recommendation letters", I am going to direct you to that information below.

Something else that you may not be aware of is that there is a great deal of confusion worldwide between the two terms, "recommendation letter" and "reference letter".

For example, what are the similarities and differences between these two types of letters? When do you use a "letter of recommendation" and when to use a "letter of reference"?

Given the overlap and ambiguity related to the definitions and use of these two types of letters, this confusion is very understandable.

It just so happens that I have written a book on the whole subject of recommendation letters and reference letters which is considered by many people worldwide to be the definitive standard on that subject. On this website, I have posted a couple of excerpts from that book that demystify and define what these letters are all about. Here are the links to those definitions:

Recommendation Letters Defined

Reference Letters Defined

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