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A recognition letter, or letter of recognition, can be written for many different situations, both business and personal. They are very similar in purpose to "commendation letters" but the term is used more often in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Often a recognition letter will lead to a formal commendation letter. These letters are usually written on an unsolicited basis by someone who believes that another person should receive special public recognition for their actions in some endeavor.

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October 24, 20xx

Ms. Susan Gonzalez
Volunteer Co-Ordinator
New Horizons Program
Department of Community Development
City of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON K1G 3P9

Dear Ms. Gonzalez:

I am writing this letter in the hope that Julia Laforge will be somehow recognized for the valuable work she has done with one of our clients here at Abbot House Residential Center for the Developmentally Handicapped.

The client's name is Jack Randolf. He has been part of the Abbott House community for the past 16 years. Since Julia started working with Jack two years ago, I have witnessed more progress in his overall development and ability to cope than I had seen in the previous 10 years. I can only attribute this significant growth to Julia's dedicated work with Jack.

Almost every single week for the past two years or more, Julia has made a point to visit with Jack at Abbott House. She gets him involved in various activities including games and arts and crafts. She often takes him on social outings around town such as movies and the local coffee shop and she calls him regularly on the telephone to chat. She has even taught him to send e-mails to his family members! Jack now interacts with his fellow clients in a much more positive way than he ever did before.

In short, it is clear that Jack Randolf has blossomed over the past two years as a direct result of the commitment and hard work of Julia Laforge.

I have seen many volunteers come and go over the years, but I have never seen one have the positive impact on one of our clients more than Julia has had on Jack. She is an exceptional person and volunteer, and I believe she should be recognized as such by the New Horizons Program.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Creaghan
House Director

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