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Using a quotation is a very effective writing device. Citing a quotation from a well known author, leader, or personality is a technique used by most writers to emphasize a point or to give their own argument more credibility.

I recently did some research into what quotation sources are available online and the results were almost as mind-boggling as when I looked for online dictionary resources. For example, when I entered the phrase "online quotations" into the Google search engine it returned over 360,000 results!

Once again it was information overload, the big problem being, where to start. What quotation service should I use?

Knowing that many people would face this same dilemma, I decided to spend a few hours online and do some research to simplify the process for everyone.

Here are my recommendations as the top Free "online quotation resources" on the Web:

  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
    A collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature, containing over 11,000 searchable quotations.
  • Freeality Internet Search
  • A general Internet search portal that provides search results from over 15 of the top quotation sources on the Web.

  • QuotationsPage
    One of the oldest quotation sites on the Web, it includes a quotation-related discussion forum and s book review database.

  • QuoteReel
    QuoteReel offers thousands of inspirational quotations organized by themes such as: friendship, love, success, failure, strength, letting go, etc.

  • Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations
    The most notable quotations compiled by James B. Simpson, with over 10,000 quotations from 4,000 sources organized into 25 categories and 60 sections.

  • The Quote Garden
    A very clean well-organized site offering thousands of free quotes neatly sorted and grouped by main subject.

It appears that many people have established quotation sites on the Net just to draw lots of traffic for sales and marketing purposes. As much as possible I have tried to eliminate that type of site and just list those that are serious quotation content sites.

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