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Proposal Templates
Proposal Writing Templates: Download professional business and grant proposals - here.

Many of the people who come to my various writing help websites are looking for information on how to write "proposals". I placed that word in quotes deliberately here because it turns out that people are seeking info on how to write many different types of proposals.

In fact, people are searching for help with writing so many different types of proposals that, when I looked into it further I discovered the following:

There are more than 20 different types of proposals for which people regularly seek help writing. Of course, what I am talking about here are various types of proposal documents. I am NOT referring here to those "other" proposals that a lot of people also seek help with -- wedding proposals or marriage proposals!

Take it from someone who has written many proposals over the years - they are not easy to write. They must be highly focused and properly structured. So, while researching this subject I looked into what software was available to help people write and format all the different types of proposals. I have included links to that software below, where appropriate.

The Top 5 Proposal Types that people seek help with online are:

1. Grant Proposals - For funding proposals to all levels of government.
Grant Writing Proposal Kit

2. Business Proposals - For all types of business proposals.
Business Proposal Kit

3. Technical Proposals - Research, academic, business and government.
Professional Proposal Kit

4. Project Proposals - For all types of projects - all sectors.
Project Proposal Kit

5. Sales Proposals - For all types of products and services.
Sales Proposal Kit

In addition to the above list of most popular proposal types, the following is a list of other proposal types that many people also need help writing:

  • Construction proposals
  • Training proposals
  • Thesis proposals
  • Book proposals
  • Technical proposals
  • Show proposals
  • Building proposals
  • Development proposals
  • Network proposals
  • Event proposals
  • Idea proposals
  • Exhibition proposals
  • Design proposals
  • Sponsorship proposals
  • Museum proposals
  • Show proposals
  • and more...

No doubt there are other types of proposals as well. These are just the ones that I noticed that people who were coming to my websites have been looking for information on.

Without a doubt, the best all around proposal writing software and templates that I have yet come across is the Proposal Kit line of proposal packs.

To see an actual sample of a standard business project proposal as developed by the ProposalKit people, click here.

Proposal Templates
Proposal Writing Templates: Download professional business and grant proposals - here.

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