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April 12, 20xx

Dr. Andrew Randall
Director of Education Programs
Constitution College
75 Green Mountain Street
Concord, NH 03300

Dear Dr. Randall:

I would like to thank you for your recent letter confirming your interest in developing a mutually beneficial relationship between our two institutions. My appreciation goes out as well to President Johnson for his letter dated April 15, 20XX, in which he graciously accepted our invitation to participate with us as a distinguished research partner.

As I indicated in my letter to President Johnson, our institution is currently embarking on an ambitious plan to strengthen its degree programs and expand its research activities with the aim of becoming one of the top academic and research institutions in the world. Central to that program’s success is our quest to develop joint research initiatives in various scientific fields with selected premier world institutions such as yours. We are therefore honored that we will be able to work as colleagues with your institution’s distinguished leaders and outstanding faculty members to realize the objectives of our ambitious strategic plan.

Following receipt of President Johnson’s letter of interest, I requested the appropriate departments here to develop a draft proposed framework agreement that would identify the areas of interest that our mutual cooperation might encompass. Once such areas of common interest are agreed upon by both parties, I would look forward to welcoming you and other officers of your institution to formally sign the Cooperation Agreement in the near future.

Accordingly, with your permission, I have taken the liberty of drafting the enclosed sample agreement for your review. You will notice that the draft Cooperation Agreement is titled “service contract” agreement. That is the standard terminology that we use for all of our cooperation agreements with distinguished institutions. Such a title is necessary to meet various administrative and legal requirements that govern our budgetary process.

I hope that the proposed areas of cooperation that we have put forward are acceptable to you. I look forward to receiving your views and comments in the near future.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation.


Jeffrey Hutchinson
Director, Education Programs


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