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December 15, 20xx

Mr. Nadim Dalwal
English Language Coordinator
Dar Al-Jandal School, Riyadh

Dear Mr. Dalwal:

Subject: Proposal To Hold An ELT Book Fair At Your School

Dar Al Jarad Publishing and Distribution House is pleased to invite your school to host an English Language Teaching (ELT) book fair.

We at Dar Al Jarad believe it is essential that we work directly with schools in Riyadh in order to enhance English literacy among students. We have chosen to approach your school to host one of these events because we are aware of your high educational standards and your interest in improving English literacy at your school.

Our objectives for holding the book fair at your school are as follows:
  • To empower both teachers and students with our valuable ELT educational resources which include: readers, textbooks, support materials, and exam books.
  • To introduce the students and the teachers to new ELT resources that are available in the market and how these resources can enhance literacy in the classroom.
  • To familiarize parents with new ELT materials and the selection process that Curricular Coordinators go through when developing an English program.
Direct benefits that will come from hosting a book fair will be:
  • The school will receive valuable publicity which will result in increased student enrolment.
  • 15% of the proceeds from each title sold will go toward supporting the school’s English program.
  • The school staff and administration will work closely with the ELT distributor which will enhance cooperation between the school and Dar Al Jarad.
  • Your school will choose an appropriate date and duration for the event and advise our company of such.
  • The school will advertise and promote the event to students, teachers and parents through its own channels.
  • We are willing to assist in the advertising campaign by designing and printing brochures for the school to hand out to the students.
  • The school will designate an appropriate location for the event, which will then be inspected by our staff to determine how many titles can be accommodated.
  • Dar Al Jarad will supply and assemble all shelving at the designated location.
  • During the event our staff will hand out free promotional materials.
  • At the end of the event we will remove our products and leave behind some free samples for use by the school.
Dar Al Jarad Publishing and Distribution looks forward to receiving a positive response from you on this proposal. We strongly believe that the educational benefits from such a function far outweigh any material considerations. If you have any questions about the above proposal please contact me at xxxxxxx.

We look forward to receiving your response in the near future.


Reynata Darwish

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