Privacy Policy - Writing Help Central 

The privacy policy of is very simple, as follows.

 “If you provide your e-mail address and name when you sign up for one of the free writing help or publishing-related courses that I offer, that information will never be shared with any other company, institution, individual or other entity.”

I DO NOT sell, rent, or loan my subscriber information to any companies or individuals, EVER.

I DO send the occasional writing-related e-mail to all of my opt-in subscribers when I have new writing-related or publishing-related information to offer. Anyone receiving these occasional e-mails from me has the option, within that message, to opt out and permanently remove their subscriber information from my list(s).

So, if you were worried at all about whether I would share your info with anyone, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If you came to this page to check out my Privacy Policy before signing up for anything, you can now be secure in signing up for any of my writing help courses at the following link: