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A personal thank you letter, or personal letter of thanks, is typically sent to someone the sender knows personally. As with all thank you letters, they should be short, from the heart, and always sincere. In most cases, because they are addressed to a friend or an acquaintance -- or even a family member -- they should be handwritten. The personal thank you sample below, is from an appreciative brother-in-law to his sister-in-law.

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The Rogers
255 Ditchburn Road
Charleston, SC 29414

January 12, 20xx

Dear Joanne,

I really want to thank you for all of the trouble you went to entertaining the entire family over the past holiday season.

I know that you organize these holiday gatherings because you enjoy doing it and you love to have everyone get together at your place. Nevertheless, I just want to make sure that you understand how much the rest of us appreciate everything you do to make these get-togethers happen.

Having helped Susan organize a few much smaller social gatherings over the years I know how much work is involved. I realize how much planning and preparation you must have to do each and every year so that the entire extended family and assorted friends and acquaintances have a happy and fun holiday celebration. It's amazing really, that you are able to do such a great job, year after year, in parallel with your other duties, both as a mom and an active volunteer worker!

So Joanne, on behalf of everyone I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all that you do to assemble and entertain us during the holiday season. You really are the glue that holds our extended family together!

With love and admiration,


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