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A personal reference letter is also known as a "character reference letter", and is essentilally exactly the same type of letter. Like other "general reference letters", a personal reference letter is normally opened with "To Whom It May Concern" or some similar general salutation. That's in contrast to a "recommendation letter" which is always addressed to a specific person to deal with a specific situation.

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2550 Notre-Dame W.
Montreal, QC H3C 1L2

July 27, 20xx

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Personal Reference - Michael Meloche

I have known Michael Meloche for the past 15 years, first as a neighbour and squash partner, and in recent years as a friend.

I first met Michael shortly after he arrived in this country from his native Serbia. He had moved in with his father in the same building in which I lived. Not long after he arrived, he noticed me in the elevator with my squash gear and asked me in his rudimentary English if I would play squash with him, to which I agreed.

When he first arrived in this country, Michael registered in the final year of high school to improve his English. In fact, during that first year I often tutored him in English and History in the evenings which allowed me to get to know him quite well. I quickly realized that not only was Michael very bright, he was an incredibly hard working individual who was determined to overcome all challenges he faced. Accordingly, within one year he was quite fluent in English, with very little accent, and he had finished at the top of his class in high school. In addition to that, in parallel with his studies he managed to hold down two part-time jobs.

After that, Michael was accepted into university on a partial scholarship in another city. Although we didn't see each other for about three years we kept in touch by e-mail and I could see that he was continuing to excel in his studies. After three years he graduated with an Honors degree in Biochemistry.

After a short stint doing research with a pharmaceutical company in Toronto, Michael moved to Montreal six years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor. While he was studying medicine at McGill University in Montreal I saw quite a bit of him and was well aware of his progress as he moved through medical school. Last year Michael realized his dream and graduated near the top of his class as an M.D. He is currently a plastics and reconstructive surgery resident at a major Montreal hospital.

Clearly, Michael's deeds speak for themselves. He is a highly intelligent hard worker who never loses sight of his goals. He is also a fine person with a great deal of integrity who I am proud to call a friend. I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in unreservedly recommending Michael Meloche as a trustworthy person who can always be counted on, regardless of the enterprise.

If you have questions or need additional information about my knowledge of Michael please free to call me in Montreal at (514) 978-1789.


Samuel Francis, M.B.A.

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