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As stated elsewhere on this site, by analyzing the searches made by the more than 15 million unique visitors to this site over the years, I was able to quantify exactly what people are REALLY searching for when it comes to letter writing help and info.

Accordingly, I have been able to conclude that there are two major, and mutually exclusive, types of letters: personal letters and business letters. (Both of these categories can be further sub-divided into two additional sub-categories, which I won’t discuss here).

This website contains more than 40 fully-formatted real-life sample "personal letters" covering numerous types of person-to-person and person-to-business letter writing situations.

Below are links to the Top Ten most requested "personal letter" templates:

  1. Character Reference Letter
    Character reference letter - personal friend/colleague reference.

  2. Introduction Letter
    Introduction letter - self-introduction to client.

  3. Friendly Letter
    Friendly letter - to a colleague and sports buddy.

  4. Goodbye Letter
    Goodbye letter - farewell letter to co-workers.

  5. Letter of Apology
    Letter of apology - to a neighbor or acquaintance.

  6. Letter of Congratulations
    Letter of congratulations - to a friend or colleague.

  7. Letter of Termination
    Letter of termination - cancellation of a contract.

  8. Condolence Letter
    Condolence letter - to an acquaintance or colleague.

  9. Letter of Complaint
    Letter of complaint - water damage complaint to neighbor.

  10. Letter of Application
    Letter of application - for a medical residency position.

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Business Letter Templates
Fast and easy: Instant download of over 125 actual business letter templates -- here.

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