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My research indicates that there are a lot of people searching online for information and templates to help them write what they refer to as a “personal reference letter”.

However, when I look into it more closely it is not always clear exactly which type of letter of reference these folks really mean when they use the term “personal reference letter”.

For example; are they really looking to write a “character reference letter”? If so, is it employment-related, or is it for some other purpose such as community service?

Is this “personal reference letter” to be written for the individual searching for the information, or is it to be written for a friend or colleague?

Sometimes people use the term “personal reference letter” when what they really mean is a “personal recommendation letter” or “personal statement” related to college admission.

In reality, there is no one letter actually defined as a “personal reference letter”.

The approach to one of these letters is almost always directly related to its specific purpose. So, unfortunately, using the generic/general term “personal reference letter” is not sufficient to isolate the specific letter-type that you are seeking.

To clear up this confusion and shed further light on the different types of reference letters and recommendation letters, it will be helpful to check out the following links that offer specific definitions and examples for all types of reference letters and recommendation letters:

Reference Letters

Recommendation Letters

Yes, it is true that this whole issue of reference letters versus recommendation letters can be somewhat complicated and confusing. But it is very important that you are absolutely clear on exactly which type you are writing, and for which specific purpose.

So, I strongly recommend that you consult the above-listed references before you start writing your own “personal reference letter”.

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