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Performance evaluation letters are usually written in job evaluation situations for such professions as: teachers, professors, medical students/residents, nursing specialists, and other such professionals. Many organizations have a specific required criteria and format that must be used for performance evaluations of their staff. The sole purpose of these letters is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the job performance of a professional. The real-life sample performance evaluation letter below is a typical evaluation of the performance of a medical student who is in the process of applying for a residency program in general surgery.

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March 15, 20xx

Mr. David Schwartz
Assistant Dean, Administration
Dean's Office
East Coast School of Medicine
375 Oceanside Road, Rm. 450
Biddeville, ME 04010

Dear Mr. Schwartz:

Re: Performance Evaluation - Raymond Farmer

This Letter of Evaluation is provided at the request of Raymond Farmer, who is applying to your program for postgraduate training in General Surgery.

Premedical Education and Experience
Raymond grew up in Bangor, Maine. He did his undergraduate work at East Coast University where he received a BS degree in chemistry in May 20xx. Following graduation, Raymond spent a year working with a pharmaceutical company before entering medical school. He then entered EC University Medical School in August 20xx. He has completed the required curriculum with only the usual summer break between the first and second preclinical years, and is scheduled to graduate in May 20xx.

Preclinical Record
Raymond passed all first-year courses without problems. His performance on the graded courses in the second-year was well above average. He earned the highest grade on 9 of the 16 graded courses and a high pass on the remaining 7 graded courses. He also achieved a score of 245 on the USMLE Step I examination in June 20xx.

Clinical Clerkships (Chronological)

Integrated Surgical Disciplines: Honors (H=48%; HP=48%; P=7%)
Tutorial: "Raymond was a good communicator; well-prepared for presentations, and active in group discussions." General Surgery: "Raymond turned in an excellent performance on his first clinical rotation. He is bright and pleasant to work with. He worked hard and conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner. He evaluated clinic patients in a timely manner and kept well-organized histories. He was very keen and helpful in the operating room." Ophthalmology: "Raymond was an excellent student. He is smart, diligent and reliable, and has a pleasant demeanor." Orthopaedic Surgery: "Raymond was an above average student. He will make a fine house officer."

Neurology: Honors (H=37%; HP=54%; P=9%)
"Raymond was a pleasure to work with in the neurology clinic. His presentations were well thought. His fund of knowledge was excellent. He was enthusiastic and helpful and made a great team player. He was well-liked by the patients. He will succeed in any clinical field he chooses." Raymond scored at the 94th percentile on the NBME exam.

Psychiatry: High Pass (H=28%; HP=65%; P=4%)
"Raymond was hard working and helpful. His bedside manner was exceptional. His level of knowledge was also outstanding. He played an important role in the care of the patients assigned to him. He is a pleasure to work with and was well-liked by both staff and patients. His oral presentations were well organized and thorough." Raymond scored at the 95th percentile on the NBME exam.

Internal Medicine: High Pass (H=55%; HP=46%)
"Raymond is very hard working and contributes well to the team. His knowledge base is excellent and he uses each patient encounter as a guide for further reading and follow-up. He is a conscientious and dedicated student who showed dedication to every patient assigned to him. He was also very active in presenting articles and he read extensively. His level of knowledge is outstanding and he applies it at the bedside appropriately and well. Raymond will enjoy much success in the future."

Women & Children's Health/Pediatrics: Honors (H=37%; HP=60%; P=7%)
"Raymond's performance this month was exceptional. He was confident and had strong clinical skills. He has an excellent rapport with his patients and makes the extra effort to understand all aspects of their care. He is a bright and committed team member who cares about his patients. He developed excellent treatment plans for all of his patients and followed up on all assigned tasks. Overall, an outstanding medical student."

Fourth Year Electives

Cardiothoracic Critical Care: Honors
"Raymond is an enthusiastic medical student with a pleasant personality. He was always well prepared and his presentations were thorough. He worked hard and functioned as a full member of the team. He was totally involved in the care of his patients. He is a bright and willing learner and should be commended for a job well done."

Honors Medicine: Honors
"Raymond displayed outstanding knowledge and judgement throughout the rotation. His presentations were excellent and reliable. He functioned easily as an intern and will make an excellent resident. He has a great future. It was a pleasure working with him."

Research and Extracurricular Activities
Raymond spent the summer break between his first and second years of medical school conducting clinical research in the Department of Surgery. During his preclinical years, he was deeply involved with community outreach programs. He volunteered with the STOPS program (Students Teaching Obesity Prevention to Students), and coordinated that program during his second year. In addition, Raymond was a regular volunteer at the Downtown Medical Center, a free clinic run by medical students. He was also a member of the Surgery Study Group during his preclinical years.

Raymond enjoys hiking, mountaineering and music. He plays saxophone in a local student jazz band.

Raymond is a mature, well-rounded and bright young man. He has proven himself to be a hard working and capable medical student with the skills to be an excellent clinician. He is a very personable fellow who is dedicated to patient care and committed to a career in general surgery. Raymond's overall performance in the three years of required courses at East Coast University, Medicine places him in the top third of his class. He is therefore recommended to you as an excellent candidate for residency training.


Marion K. Stremer, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Career Placement

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