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The following researched links are considered to be among the very best that the Web has to offer in the various specialty areas covered.

In addition to MLA-related links I have also included a number of general writing resources related to various forms of academic writing such as papers and essays.

MLA Information and Resources

The following are links to other resources on the Web that will be useful to anyone working on papers that require MLA documentation style guidelines:

Modern Language Association of America – The official home page of the organization responsible for the MLA documentation style, with links to the MLA Handbook and Manual.

OWL (Online OWL Writing Lab) – Purdue University’s extensive OWL Web site about writing has a section dedicated to MLA style formatting.

Guide for Writing Research Papers based on MLA Documentation – Has been developed by Capital Community College of Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Writing A Bibliography: MLA Style – Honolulu Community College in Hawaii, U.S.A. has put together a concise and very useful online guide to using MLA style.

MLA Style Guide – This quick reference MLA style site contains good examples, and is maintained by the library at the University of Southern Mississippi, U.S.A.

APA Documentation has developed a resource page similar to this one, on the documentation style standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), which are also used extensively worldwide.

MLA Software

RFW’s Paper Wizard for MLA and APA is powerful software that automatically formats your MLA and/or APA papers for you. Paper Wizard integrates with Microsoft Word and becomes a part of it. It even has a built-in grammar-speller checker! If your paper is due soon, RFW Paper Wizard will save the day.
RFW Paper Wizard

Writing Assistance - College Admission Documents

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit is a one-stop information source for writing all types of letters of recommendation for both employment and college admission purposes. In addition to recommendation letter sample templates, the Kit also contains a chapter on how to write college admission essays, including a number of essay templates. The Kit also contains a special "Buyers Guide" that reviews the top sites on the Net that offer online writing services related to college admission essays and letters of recommendation. A great source for college admission help.
"Your One-Stop Recommendation Letter Center."

Instant College Admission Essay Kit is a low-cost solution to the high cost of developing application essays and personal statements for admission to college and university programs: undergraduate, graduate, MBA, law, and medicine. This unique essay writing toolkit is packed full of advice, tips, pointers, and "hands-on" tools designed to fast-track the essay development and writing process. It includes 49 full-length real-life essay templates (MS-Word) that can be downloaded into your word processing program. If you're looking for a cost-effective alternative or supplement to the expensive essay preparation services, this Kit is definitely worth checking out.
"Instant College Admission Essay Kit"

Emergency Help! - Research Papers and Exams

Research Assistance maintains an inventory of more than 25,000 research reports covering thousands of subjects. Most are available for immediate download. The service claims to be the best single research source in America. If your subject isn't covered in their archives, they will do custom research and writing for you. A valuable research resource.
"Need Term Paper Help? Download Research Papers 24 Hours a Day!"

Online Research Tools

To help people conduct detailed and reliable research for their projects and papers, a number of specialized research tools/sites have been developed. Links to some of these online research resources are listed below: – Wikipedia is arguably the quickest way to find high quality info on just about anything. It is maintained by volunteers and anyone can contribute, so be sure to cross-check any important facts with another source, just to be sure.

iTools! Internet Tools – Offers a suite of online search tools in support of both general and language-related research.

Library Resources on the Net – Maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University, this is a good source for anyone conducting literary research.

Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with either the Modern Language Association of America (MLA) or the American Psychological Association (APA). The information and links posted above were gathered through a variety of publicly available sources, and have been assembled here for the convenience of users. Accordingly, does not accept any liability for the information posted above.

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