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As one of the top online writing help experts, I have frequently been asked over the years, to write or edit medical residency personal statements for MDs transitioning from medical school to residency positions in teaching hospitals. Sometimes I have written them from scratch, while in other cases I have edited the statement as already drafted by my client.

I estimate that I have worked on hundreds of these by now, covering numerous medical specialties, and targeting scores of institutions worldwide. So, after years of writing and/or revising these medical residency personal statements for people from all over the world, I think it’s fair to say that I can be considered somewhat of an expert on the subject.

Of course, being a writing help how-to expert, I do more than just write and edit these medical residency personal letters for people; I also write about “how-to” write them.

Accordingly, below are links to a few articles I have written on the subject of how-to write an effective medical residency personal statement.

Your Medical Specialty Is NOT the Key to your Residency Personal Statement

How To Custom-Target Your Medical Residency Personal Statement

10 Tips To Write An Effective Medical Residency Personal Statement

In addition to the above, I recently decided to write down everything I know about writing medical residency personal statements in one place. To check out my comprehensive ebook on this subject -- including downloadable real-life personal statement templates -- click on the following link:

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