Media Questions Sample

A media questions list is normally attached as a backgrounder to a press release. The main purpose of a media questions list is to assist members of the media in preparing for any follow-up interviews that they may wish to conduct with the principals involved in the event covered in the press release.

A media questions list should be comprised of about 10 to 15 questions, the answers to which will reveal the primary message of the subject of the press release. The questions should be short and to the point, and the list should not exceed one page.

When developing a media questions list, ask yourself what the obvious questions would be, with direct reference to the info contained in the main press release. Draft your list based on this and make sure you also have all of the answers to these questions ready for when they will be needed.

The media questions list below was set up in MS-Word and was written for a real-life situation. It contains all of the key information elements that are normally included when developing a typical questions list for members of the media.

Media Questions List – Sample Format

Media Questions List – Sample Format

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