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As I shared at length in my personal story, I spent a lot of time and did considerable research while looking for someone I could trust to tell me how to “make it” as a home-based entrepreneur on the Internet. "My Story"

Yes, it’s true that there are a lot of “snake oil salesmen” and “smoke and mirrors artists” out there trying to get rich on the back of the average Joe(Josephine) who is willing to work hard for just a tiny sliver of the billions of dollars of e-business conducted on the Web. On the other hand, there’s lots of good stuff out there too.

My efforts to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, intensified more than a decade ago when I realized that if I didn’t soon take a stand and get into my own e-business, the e-world was going to pass me by very quickly.

In fact, I could see that if I didn’t do something in a real hurry, well then (horror of horrors!), I would soon have to get a “job-job” just like the one that I left behind quite happily over three years ago.

Accordingly, I stepped-up my efforts, and my focus crystallized over the final six months of my research, as I spent many hundreds of hours online finding out what is really out there in "e-businessland", in terms of what appears to work, and what doesn’t seem to quite cut it.

(Whew…all that research was just like doing my MBA all over again, except in 6 months instead of 24!).

In reality, the learning has never really stopped since I went through that initial total immersion process. The Internet, technology, and online marketing techniques are constantly changing and evolving; so the learning-curve is a continuous one if one wants to keep up-to-speed with what's going on.

Here are the key overall lessons that I learned during my research into how to become a successful small entrepreneur on the Internet:
  • There are tens of thousands of average Joes and Josephines (who knows exactly how many?), now making an excellent income running various types of e-businesses from their own homes, and it would seem that a substantial number of these people are becoming quite wealthy.

  • Incredible opportunities still exist for the small business person who wants to succeed on the Net and, in many areas, the opportunities are increasing.

  • You don’t need to understand “cyber babble” anymore to get around the Net and be successful. The Internet that was once ruled by “techies” is now being proliferated by small time “netrepreneurs” who work successfully from their homes.

  • The three common denominators for success that I have been able to identify among e-entrepreneurs are: the strong desire to be successful, the willingness to learn from others, and the passion to work very hard at it.

  • One needs to be wary, vigilant and use good judgment. when researching possible online business opportunities. There are indeed many shady operators and scam artists working the Internet, just as there have always been in the offline world.

  • There is a large group of legitimate Internet marketing experts with integrity who have actually “been there and done that” and who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with those who e aspire to follow in their footsteps.

  • The "affiliate model" is by far the most exciting Internet business opportunity for the average person, and it's still available to anyone who wants to try it. For more about the affiliate model, click here.
Granted, the above observations are not based on a scientific survey. Rather, I have made them as the result of my many years of experience as an online entrepreneur, which has involved thousands of hours of focused online research and offline reading. Of course, in addition to that I have also developed more than a dozen unique products and a network of support websites.

So, what’s the bottom line, you ask? Well here it is.

For anyone interested in learning how to build a successful small e-business of their own, and profit from the affiliate model promoting and selling the products and/or services of someone else, here are a few sample internet marketing programs, that I am familiar with and can therefore recommend.

I won’t pick favorites here.I'll let you judge for yourself. (Anyone who took the time to read “My Story” knows that I do have my own favorites, but that doesn’t mean that the other options aren’t worth checking out).

I’ll just give you the links to their Web sites and you can go there and check out their offerings for yourself. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Higher Response Marketing – Marlon Sanders is the master at developing, packaging, and marketing high quality e-business-building products.

Internet Marketing Center – This site was started years ago by a couple of Internet marketing pioneers (i.e. Cory Rudl and Derek Gehl), and over the years has helped thousands of aspiring online marketers. Inc – Ken Evoy, M.D. is a multi-talented e-commerce guru who has developed a line of products for the home-based e-entrepreneur that has set new standards for the industry.

Here's a brief word of advice. Take a close look at each program. They all use slightly different approaches, and each one is worth considering in its own right.

Print out the pages that contain the key decision-making information that you need to fully understand what they are offering. Then settle into your favorite chair and take the time you need to study the material carefully. Be sure to be comfortable with your final decision.

Choose the program or product that “fits you best” in terms of your approach, goals, aspirations, and your life situation.

Whatever program you embrace, if you follow the advice of its guru, and work hard and passionately at it, I have no doubt that you will succeed.

By the way, when you reach that point, please send me a quick e-mail so I can have the pleasure of congratulating you and saying “I told you so!”.

Happy e-business building!

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