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Marketing letters are often incorrectly confused with sales letters, which they are not. A sales letter is a letter whose sole purpose is to sell a product or service. On the other hand, a marketing letter can be about any aspect of the "four Ps of marketing"; Product, Placement, Price, Promotion. The sample marketing letter below is an actual promotion and publicty letter that was used to advise potential customers at a trade show about a new line of camera systems that was being released at that event.

(print Marketing Letters on product or corporate letterhead)

October 30, 20xx

To All Editors and Publishers,

Come and See A Snapshot of Our Latest Products!

Genoptik Laser Photo and its network of dealers in the United States, cordially invite you to drop by our booth at PhotoPlus East for a close-up look at our latest technological breakthroughs in digital camera technology.

eyelike twilight™ - Just released in September, this is the first digital camera product that enables presentation of multiple exposures with a reliable preview image. Before this innovation it was impossible to overlay a second exposure over another digital image. With twilight™ it is now possible to overlay several images and display the resulting montage in preview mode before the final exposure is made.

eyelike winder™ - Also just released, this digital camera software is specially designed for the capture and processing of either moving objects or still portraits. It allows the shooting and capture of multiple images in sequence, at a speed of approximately one image per second for later review. Using winder™ the photographer can later view all of the memory-stored images one shot at a time, in "digital contact sheet" format, on a color computer monitor.

These leading-edge software modules are just the latest additions to Genoptik's line-up of products that make its eyelike™ Digital Camera System. a world leader They are available to all users of the eyelike™ system whether they work in a PC or a Macintosh based environment.

20xx good reasons to check us out!

Genoptik Laser Photo manufactured its 20xxth digital camera in 20xx. These cameras are used by professionals worldwide in the fields of: photography, prepress, archiving and, microscopy. The basis of this technology is the ProgRes 3000 family of cameras that have evolved over the past decade. In 2004, the ProgRes 3012 camera won the internationally recognized Seybold Award as best digital camera for professional use.

The longevity of Genoptik Digital Camera Systems is legendary throughout the industry. All new hardware and software developments made over the years have been designed compatible with the original base products so that users of the very first modules are able to work with the latest technological advances without changing their equipment.

Come and scan our products at Booth 929 and we will also give you an insider's look at our latest innovation, a revolutionary new Electronically Controlled Lens System.

I hope to see you at PhotoPlus East!


Pietro Leuzhamer
Marketing Operations Manager
Genoptic Products

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