Organizational Facilitators

These "organizational management falicitators" are the five primary tools that a typical organization uses to manage and control the execution of its activities on a day-to-day basis.

Below, each term is listed along with it's brief definition, followed by a link to more specific background information about the particular term.

The linking pages contain more detailed definitions for each facilitator, additional background on the term, examples of how to use the term, and tips on how to write the statements or documents that support the term being described.

Official guidelines that govern decision-making in an organization.

Statements that instruct how to accomplish or implement something in an organization.

Specific communications (written or oral) which initiate or govern actions, conduct or procedures in an organization.

A step-by-step series of precise predetermined actions or methods for achieving routine tasks in an efficient manner.

Instructions, specifications or measurements that serve as specific benchmarks for expected normal practices in an organization.

The above facilitators are normally documented in detail in corporate memoranda and manuals, and once written and approved will often remain unchanged for years; although they can be updated and revised whenever the need arises.

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