Letter Writing Resources

Letter writing is a very important activity in day-to-day business, personal and academic life.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that if you are not able to produce well written, effective letters it will hurt you both directly and indirectly in your personal and/or business life. Really.

Even in the age of the Internet-driven communications such as e-mail and text-messaging, when it comes to the bottom-line on a situation, a formal letter will almost always be necessary. When you think about it, letters are incredibly important in our daily lives, both personal and business.

As Webmaster of this Writing Help Central website for the past number of years, I have been able to study and analyze the letter writing needs of literally millions of visitors to this site. Accordingly, I have compiled a list of letter writing information and resources that should answer every practical letter writing question that you could have.

Letter Writing Resources

Letter Writing Tips
Writing an effective business or personal letter is more difficult than most people think. This article summarizes the key points to follow when writing any kind of letter.

Letter Writing Formats
There are many different letter writing formats. This page will take you to my recommended letter writing formats for: Business Letters, Business Memos, and Personal Letters.

Letter Definitions
Most people aren't aware of how many different unique types of specific-purpose letters there are. In fact, some people seem to think that letters are either business letters or cover letters. Wrong!

Sample Letter Templates
Of course, to get started with writing a particular type of letter, it always helps to use a sample as a model. This page contains links to more than 70 fully-formatted real-life sample letter templates.

Letter Writing Tools
As Webmaster of one of the most popular writing reference sites online (this one), over the years I have carefully studied the practical letter writing needs of the millions of visitors who have come to this site and have developed a series of practical writing tools to meet their needs; all of which can be accessed at the following site:

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