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Letters of termination are most often used in a business context to terminate some sort of business arrangement, such as a contract; as opposed to "termination letters" which are mostly employment-related. The sample letter of termination below, is a typical contract cancellation notice. Many contracts require that such letters of termination be submitted in writing, prior to contract expiration.

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4500 Gables Road
Suite 1027
Miami, FL 33170

December 12, 20xx

Vanessa Redden
Head, Small Publisher Services
Publish Me Now Inc.
1200 NW 25th St.
Suite 1225
Miami, FL 33172

Dear Ms. Redden:

Re: How-To Publications Inc. - Notice of Cancellation

Please regard this as my official written notice to terminate all contractual arrangements that I have with your company regarding publication of the works of How-To Publications Inc., of which I am the President and Owner. This termination is to take full effect December 31, 20xx.

As you will remember, when I signed up with PMN in early June, I did have my doubts and reservations about your service, but based on your assurances I decided to give your company a six-month trial run. With that trial period about to expire at the end of this month I am now giving you the two weeks advance notice of cancellation as required in the contract.

Based on my experience during the trial period it appears that many of my initial reservations were well-founded. In particular, I was very disappointed by your lack of a strong distribution network, which forced me to have to find and develop a network of book retailers and distributors on my own. In addition, your 100% refund policy coupled with your high discount rates and long payment delays seem almost punitive and make it difficult for a small publisher like me to make a decent return.

For your information, I have been able to find another service that offers much more favorable terms, and I will be working with that company beginning early next year.

Accordingly, would you please have your staff take the necessary action to remove all of my How-To Publications from your network by December 31, 20xx.


Diane Francis

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