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Letters of rejection, or rejection letters, are used for many different situations. In addition to the common job rejection letter, letters of rejection can be written for just about any situation in which the sender needs to advise someone who has applied for something that their application was not accepted. Letters of rejection letters should be kept brief and to the point without getting into details as to why the applicant was not accepted. They can however, include a contact number should the applicant want more information on the process. The sample below is a typical refusal of credit letter of rejection.

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December 12, 20xx

Suzanna Bragg
127 Polk Drive, No. 112
Gary, Indiana, 46402

Dear Ms. Bragg:

Further to your recent loan application, this is to advise you that we will not be able to extend credit to you at this time.

After a thorough review of your application and the supporting documents you supplied, we have concluded that your current financial situation precludes this institution from extending further credit to you at this time. When your financial picture changes and your current level of risk-exposure becomes lower, we would be happy to reconsider your application.

On behalf of Meridian National Bank I thank you for your ongoing business and trust that we will continue to serve you in the future.

If you have any questions about the details of your loan application review please feel free to contact me at (219) 882-1753.

Yours truly,

Brenda Wallis
Business Loans Manager

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