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Letters of introduction, or introduction letters, are appropriate for a variety of business and personal situations. The most common of these is when an introduction letter is used to introduce a business or service to a potential client. The sample below is a typical situation in which the bearer uses the introduction letter as a courtesy identifying credential when meeting a business contact for the first time.

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November 27, 20xx

Professor Andrew Morrissey
Executive Director
Executive MBA Program
University of Ottawa
1350 Sparks St., Suite 725
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1C4

Dear Professor Morrissey:

Please allow me to introduce the bearer of this letter, Ms. Catherine Nasslund. Catherine is the architect that I spoke to you about last week when we talked on the phone.

As I explained, I am working on a feasibility study for one of the university programs here in Montreal that is considering the development of an Executive Management Training Centre. Part of my study involves having to estimate the possible fit-up costs for the proposed new centre.

The client is intent on making sure they get a "state-of-the-art" executive training facility. Naturally I thought of my alma mater at the Ottawa U. Executive MBA Center, as the perfect example as to how it's done.

As we discussed, if you would be kind enough to have one of your staff members spend about one hour giving Catherine a tour of your facilities there, I would very much appreciate it. Catherine tells me that it is important that she take the tour when the classroom and case rooms will not be in use, since she will need to take various measurements.

As you suggested, Catherine contacted Sharon Hudson of your staff to make sure that she would be traveling there at a time when it would be possible to do everything she needs to do.

Thanks so much Professor Morrissey. I really appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

All the best,

David Cameron, M.B.A.
Senior Consultant

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