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There are many different types of letters of intent, or intent letters, for both personal and business purposes. They are sometimes confused with "letters of interest" but are not the same, since an "intent" is a deliberate resolve to move forward with something; whereas a letter of interest is just that. The following "letter of intent to home-school" is a commonly written letter of intent.

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45 Rockwell Heights Dr.
Painesville, Ohio, 44110
(xxx) 355-2590

August 1, 20xx

Mr. Bradford Kindersley
Lakeland District School Board
30 Park View Drive, Suite 530
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Dear Superintendent Kindersley:

As required by your Board, this letter is to advise you that we intend to homeschool our child in Grade 7 during the 20xx-20xx school year.

Student Name:        Russel Bryant
Student Address:    45 Rockwell Heights Drive
Student Town:        Painesville, Ohio
Student DOB:         Nov. 14, 19xx

Attached is a preliminary curriculum list of books and materials we intend to use.
However, we reserve the right to change or replace curriculum materials at any time in order that we might achieve the desired academic goals while being responsive to our child's needs and abilities.

We look forward to receiving your written acknowledgement. Should you have any questions or comments, we can be reached at the above address and phone number.

We do not authorize the release of any information contained in this notice except as specifically provided by law. By this notice we are not waiving our rights under the United States and/or Ohio constitutions as amended.


__________________     _________________
Herbert Bryant                     Susan Carter-Bryant

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