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Most letters of application, or application letters, are in response to job ads. The real-life sample letter of application below is typical for a medical position. The important thing is to make sure your letter doesn't just repeat the exact same info that is already included in your attached resume/cv.

(print personal Letter of Application on personal stationery)

457 W. Pine Ave.
Oregon, Il, 61061

December 5, 20xx

Dr. Daniel Drummond
Head - Patient Care Services
Newark General Hospital
1540 Broad St.
Newark, NJ 07101

Dear Dr. Drummond:

This is in response to your recent advertisement for the position of Hospitalist at your institution.

I believe that my training in the busy Memorial Hospital in New York makes me an ideal candidate for that position. It has given me rich and multi-faceted experience in providing health care to patients from all walks of life. Through this experience, I have developed a keen interest in acute care and have grown comfortable in an acute care setting.

Should I be fortunate enough to join your institution, I believe that my growth as a physician will continue as I work hard to become an integral member of your dynamic team. In that role I would expect to continue learning about providing quality health care equally to all individuals - a principle that is one of my paramount beliefs. As well, I would look forward to both the professional and personal growth that will come from being an active member of a dynamic institution like yours and a part of the community that you serve.

My residency training in internal medicine during my years at Memorial Hospital, have allowed me to better understand the needs of patients from various cultures and different ethnic backgrounds. It has also given me valuable experience in dealing with the many challenges that one faces on a daily basis in a hospital environment including: admitting patients in the emergency room, working long hours in the wards, looking after critically ill patients in the ICU, among other such activities. I believe that this kind of experience positions me ideally to provide a high standard of medical care to the patients in your institution.

I very much look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and serving in your community. Please do not hesitate to contact me at xxx-xxxx to arrange for an interview. Enclosed, you will find my resume listing my education, experience and background in more detail.


Allison D. Grainger, MD

Encl. - resume

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