Job Interview Thank You Letter

It is almost always a good idea to write a thank you letter to the prime interviewer(s) after you have had a job interview.

The only exception to this would be if your interview was an absolute disaster and/or based on your impressions during the interview you have decided that you would not want the job in any case.

In most cases, sending such a letter will be a positive move, and will get the attention of those involved in the hiring decision-making process.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing a job interview thank you letter:

Do It Soon
Send your job interview thank you letter within a few days of the interview; delay too long and there is no point.

Send It Directly
Address it directly to the most appropriate person; either your main contact who set up the interview, or the person who chaired and/or conducted the interview.

Make It Short
Keep your letter short and to the point; 1.) brief, one or two sentence intro para, 2.) two or three sentence body para., and 3.) one or two sentence closing paragraph.

Check It Over
Make sure you check it over and eliminate any spelling or grammar errors. Any such errors will damage your credibility.

If you go to the trouble of sending a job interview thank you letter, make sure you do it right. Otherwise you will damage any credibility you may have built up during the interview process.

Just the act of sending a professional quality thank you letter after a job interview can benefit you in terms of visibility and credibility. If you have already made it to a short list of possible successful candidates as a result of the interview, sending such a letter could help tip the balance in your favor.

Here is a link to a typical job interview thank you letter:
Job Interview Thank You Letter

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