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Letters of introduction, or introduction letters, are appropriate for a wide variety of business and personal situations. The sample below is a typical way to welcome a new employee to their new organization. It is a personalized greeting from a senior manager that is meant to set the tone for this new employee-employer relationship.

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Date:    December 1, 20xx

From:    Larry Charlston
               Chief Operations Manager - VLI

To:         Edwina Horvath
               Director, Creative Programs

Subject:  Welcome To VideoLinks Inc.

Edwina; it is with pleasure and anticipation that I welcome you and introduce you to the VideoLinks Inc. team.

As you know, VLI is a relatively new start-up in the field of online video production and distribution. We believe that as one of the first entries into this market we currently enjoy early-mover advantage, and we intend to continue to leverage that competitive-edge for as long as possible.

We have asked you to join our team because we believe that you are the kind of high-energy creative innovator that is key to our company staying in front of the pack. Marsha Valeri has told me how excited she is about the video production and marketing work that you have already done while working at AVSystems, and before that, while doing your Masters at UCLA. I must say I was impressed by what she told me; it's not very often that I've heard Marsha praising someone's past work so highly.

Because we are fairly new and relatively small, we don't yet have a formal orientation program in-place. However, I have asked our Head of Administration, Emilio Sanchez, to spend as much time as needed to brief you on every aspect of VLI's organization and operations. Then, at the end of your first week here I want to sit down with you for a few hours so we can have an in-depth discussion of technology and strategy issues. In fact, when you have finished with Emilio could you please let me know so that we can set up a firm time for our session.

Again, welcome to VLI Edwina. I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

Larry Charlston
Operations Manager

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