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Introduction letters are written for numerous business and personal situations. This sample introduction letter was written for a typical business-to-customer marketing situation in which a company is introducing a new service to prospective clients and customers. In this case, an introductory special discount is being offered. Typically, such a letter would be sent to a targeted mailing list of potential clients.

(print New Service Introduction Announcement Letter on corporate letterhead)

August 28, 20xx

Mr. Ricardo Hession
President and CEO
Network Solutions Inc.
1253 Centrepointe Place
Calgary, AB, T5J 4C1

Dear Mr. Hession:

You are one of a few select Calgary business executives that we have chosen to introduce to our new offering of exclusive limousine services. Accordingly, we respectfully ask you to kindly give this one-page letter your brief attention so that we can convey a special introductory offer to you.

First, let us tell you about A1 Airport Limousine Services. We have been operating an executive limousine service in the Calgary area for over five years. We started with three cars, and have built-up our fleet to over 25 high-end luxury vehicles. We offer the following services:

  • Luxury business class, private road transportation - anywhere in the Calgary region;
  • A fleet of over 25 Ford Lincoln Town Cars - all of them are Model Year - 20xx;
  • Professional, multilingual, uniformed drivers - many with backgrounds in security services.

In addition to Corporate Business Class Transportation, we also provide Special Transportation Services including sight-seeing city tours, and transportation for special events and weddings. These special services might be of interest to your company or its guests from out of town, or even to your own family and friends (we give "family outing discounts" on weekends).
Since we started, we have built-up an impressive corporate client list, including:

  • The Government of Alberta
  • The Government of Canada
  • Numerous prominent law firms

Since your company is new to our service, we would like to take this opportunity to make to you a special introductory offer of 10% off of every $500 in business that your company places with us. This special good will discount is in addition to our already extremely competitive rates.

We thank you for your time and attention. We sincerely hope that you will seriously consider using A1's limousine services so that your company may take advantage of our special offer.

For more information on our services and/or rates, please don't hesitate to have your staff contact me at xxx-488-5887, or by e-mail at

Yours very sincerely,

Tony Americus

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