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March 15, 20xx

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Dear [Customer Name]:

New Child Care Center For Busy Parents!

This is to let you know that on April 1, 20xx we will be introducing our brand new state-of-the-art Customer Child Care Center at our downtown location on University Street.

We have taken this initiative because we talked to our customers and you told us that such a service ranks high on your priority list. We listened to you. Then we hired one of the best experts available for designing such programs and facilities, Dr. Claire Reinholdt. As most of you will know, Dr. Reinholdt is a successful and highly respected child psychologist who has penned two best-selling books about her specialty.

We told Dr. Reinholdt that our general requirement was for a child care program and facility at which people could leave their children in a safe and educational environment for periods of between one and four hours while they shopped in our store. What she has designed is a leading-edge program and facility, staffed by accredited professionals, that is one-of-a kind in North America.

We invite you to take advantage of this new service the next time you are in the market for anything from clothing, to furniture, to home appliances.

Not only will you be well taken care of by our professional sales staff, your children will be in the safe care of the professionals at our new Customer Child Care Center.

We look forward to seeing your whole family!

Yours very sincerely,

Charlotte Renfrew
Vice-President, Customer Services

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