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Introduction letters are written for numerous business and personal situations. This sample introduction letter was written for a typical business-to-customer situation in which the company is promoting a new membership drive. In this particular case, the letter would be sent to everyone listed on their current customer mailing list.

(print New Program Introduction Letter on corporate letterhead paper)

May 5, 20xx

To Member Mailing List
Member Address Line 2
Member Address Line 3
Member Address Line 4

Dear [member name]:

Introducing - FREE Memberships For Your Family and/or Employees!

First,I would like to sincerely thank you for your patronage of CostRight Stores!

Second, in recognition of that loyal patronage, we have decided to make a valuable offer that you can pass on to your relatives and/or employees. An offer that we believe, they will be very happy to receive!

Our offer is this. From now until June 30, 20xx, your relatives and/or employees can become members at any CostRight Warehouse, simply by filling out the enclosed pre-approved registration forms. No strings attached!

By joining, these relatives and/or employees will be receiving at no charge, the equivalent of a CostRight Privileged Membership, which has a value of $50 per year, plus taxes. This type of membership includes eligibility for a free Spouse card, as well (see Passport document enclosed).

In addition, if they become CostRight members right away, your relatives and/or employees will also qualify for their own Passport that will make them eligible for more than $1,500 in additional savings on various products over the summer months. These special discounts are being offered exclusively to CostRight Members by our suppliers.

By giving these pre-approved membership applications to your relatives and/or employees, you will be allowing them to obtain many summer products at near-cost prices, as well as making them eligible for many other CostRight benefits. And it won't cost you anything!

Why not give your relatives and/or employees a chance to receive all of the benefits of a CostRight Membership? Not only will they very much appreciate the many savings that you give them, but they will also remember your generous gift every time they make a purchase this summer!

What do you have to lose?

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sandra Brunette
Manager, Membership Programs

If you run out of pre-approved membership applications, please don't hesitate to call us at (xxx) 274-3572 and we will look after your needs right away.


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