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This sample introduction letter was written for a common situation whereby a client who has hired a consultant needs that consultant to collect information from the client's business contacts. It can be very short, simply naming the bearer of the letter and explaining the purpose of their information gathering. Normally, before the letter is drafted, the client will have already contacted their business contact to explain the background and get their agreement to the the consultant's visit. Such a letter is usually presented by the consultant to the client contact at their first meeting.

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August 22, 20xxx

Mr. Randall Joseph
Airport General Manager
Syracuse International Airport
1500 Airport Parkway
Syracuse, NY 13210

Dear Randall Joseph:

Further to our telephone conversation of last week, the purpose of this is to introduce the bearer of this letter, Ms. Marion Lacente. Marion is the design architect that I spoke to you when we talked on the phone.

As we discussed, at this airport we are currently in the planning phases of developing an Executive Business Lounge that can handle our ever increasing connecting business passengers. At this point we require a preliminary design for costing purposes to present at our next Airport Management Board meeting.

I contacted you in particular since I am aware that you recently opened your own "state-of-the-art" Executive Business Center, and we are looking to develop a facility very similar to yours. In fact, one of our board members recently used your new Center and was very impressed.

If you would be kind enough to have one of your staff members spend some time giving Marion a tour of your Business Center I would very much appreciate it. Marion tells me that it is important that she take the tour during the quiet hours, when usage will be minimal, because she will need to take numerous measurements for her drawings.

As you suggested, Marion has already contacted Heidi Shelton of your staff to make sure that she will be traveling there at a time when it will be possible to do everything she needs to do.

Thanks so much Randall. I really appreciate your co-operation on this.


Donald Cousens, M.B.A.
Airport Manager

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