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Introduction letters are written for numerous business and personal situations. This actual introduction letter was written for a typical business-to-business situation in which one company is introducing a new product to a targeted group of professionals to inform and advise them about how they could use the product in their own businesses. Naturally, the hope is that the recipients will see the value of this product to their business and order it. Enclosed with this letter would be either a detailed product brochure or an actual sample of the product. A follow-up phone call or e-mail is often required a week or so after the original letter is sent.

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October 25, 20xx

To Trainer Mailing List
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Dear [training professional]:

This Book Is Both a Training and a Marketing Tool!

According to the latest surveys, at least 50% of the North American population is not yet Internet-friendly. All of these people are your potential customers. Our research continues to unquestionably confirm that a very large percentage of the "ordinary" people out there are still avoiding the Net due to the barrier of technology (whether real or perceived) that still has them frightened off. Internet Basics without fear! was designed and written with those people expressly in mind.

Help the Baby-Boomers Get Online!

Remember, the large majority of "baby boomers" were not brought up using computers. It is these people, the group now between 35 and 55 years old - with 2/3 of the disposable income - that have not yet migrated to the Internet as much as the younger age groups. Our research has shown that Internet Basics without fear! has immense appeal for those boomers. Without fail, these people relate to the simple, straightforward approach of this book and see it as their entry point to the World Wide Web.

A Powerful Training and Marketing Tool For You!

With its very accessible user-friendly and non-technical approach, Internet Basics without fear! is an ideal training tool, as well as a vehicle for connecting you with those hundreds of thousands of potential customers who you haven't been able to reach yet. You could use this book as a training tool and/or a marketing and sales vehicle, in any one of a number of ways:

  • As an advertising promotion; offering potential customers a free copy of the book with their purchase of a training course or other products or services;
  • As a value-added part of your basic training package; for use as a course training tool;
  • As a low-cost premium to existing customers for a nominal fee - or perhaps at no charge - in exchange for them ordering additional training services;
  • As a bonus familiarization premium for non-technical employees in your organization;
  • As a promotional tool for your business with a customized corporate logo or sticker on the cover.
These are just a few ways that you could use Internet Basics without fear! to attract new customers and grow your business. Information for ordering copies of this powerful training and marketing tool is contained in the enclosed brochure. A quantity discount schedule is available on request.

Yours in customer service,

Robert Christian


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